My heart is so noble,
I give everything I can to the poors.
I can see their struggle
And I'm compassionate all the way.

You see, it's difficult to be a good samaritan,
There's always someone to make you villain,
Even when all your intentions are good and pure,
They make you grow demon wings.

But I've always been this kind to others,
As the church and my faith always told me,
Respect their differences, guide them,
Because the sheeps can't take good care of themselves.

I've always loved and protected women,
Especially regarding the bad decisions they make,
Why would they decide what to do with their unborn baby,
When everyone knows they don't think straight when they're pregnant.

I remember a time where we were kinder to savages,
Teaching them the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Helping them become more civilized,
Now it's like we never helped them at all.

Our western culture is a beacon of light,
But now the invasion of lesser cultures has begun,
Do you really want to loose your rights and privileges,
My freedom is really more important than theirs.

I'm a good member of this community,
I'm always snitching on sinners,
I sincerely regret the time,
When we hanged them to the trees.
Adaptation of Zemnarihah Hung by James Fullmer

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