Passion is a fire that burns in yourself. You have to breathe it to live it. Don’t forget that you can be a hurricane. You can be an unstoppable force. Change, and change everything around you: shape life like you’re an artist, bend your life to your will.

Be strong minded, but open to others. Be kind, but thrive to be better – to do better. Learn as much as you can, forgive, but do not forget. For everything that you hate, try to do something about it. For everything that’s wrong, change.

Take risks when you need it. Remember: Who Dares Win. But don’t be a fool. Never do it for no reason. It must always matter: so make it matter. Make your life an important part of yourself: become an actor of your life, and shape your destiny.

You can do this. You have the strength in yourself to breathe fire. Channel everything that you hate, everything that you regret, everything that you wish was different into one thing: the force of change around you. Dream of a better world, and work for it. It will all be worthwhile in the end, it’s not the destination that will bring you peace, it’s what you gain during your journey.

Remember. Breathe fire.

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